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About Us

Over 30 Years of Experience

Expert in acne treatments, melasma, slimming, skin rejuvenation, … Nitipon Clinic owns a series of exclusive technologies with a team of highly skilled doctors. We committed to effectiveness immediately after each treatment session.

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Beauty services at Nitipon Clinic

Acne treatment

Pigmentation - freckles treatment

Scar - large pores treatment

Face Lifting - Rejuvenation skin

Wrinkle reduction - shaping


Whitening bath

Hair removal

Intensive skin care treatment


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If you have not found the answer, please contact Nitipon Clinic immediately, our team is always waiting for questions from you.

Melasma is a typical chronic disorder. This means that this situation will last. Some people experience melasma for many years or live with melasma for a lifetime. Melasma can also be short-lived, such as during pregnancy.
Melasma can also respond to treatment well and fade, depending on the method of treatment and the location of each person. If you take preventive measures and follow your doctor’s treatment regimen, you have a very high chance of being cured.

The degree of improvement after supportive treatment depends on the duration of the scar, depth of the scar, skin condition, age, gender, type of scarring, diet, and sense of compliance. instructions and requirements of the center.
Normally, clients will erase 60% – 95% of scars after being supported in proper treatment and consultation schedule. You should go directly to the clinic for a skin examination before the specialist gives you the most accurate and specific answer to your problem.

We commit that after a schedule of 10 to 20 times treatment at the clinic you will have a small measurement from 4 cm to 15 cm, but the answer to the question above depends a lot on the regime. the client’s care and fitness level, as well as the nutrition that the client applies to himself. Therefore, maintaining long-term results requires you to have the right nutrition and regular exercise …

It is true that when you use waxing or a razor, the harder the hair and the thicker the feel, which can even lead to folliculitis in your skin. NewIPL technology affects the papillae of hair follicles, weakening hairs due to no longer receiving food, so after a schedule, you can rest assured that those stubborn hairs are left. the soft and natural fluffy fibers, in addition, NewIPL technology can make the skin damaged by waxing recover, the skin is much smoother.
A hair removal schedule from 4 to 10 times, depending on the thickness of the hair, the price for a different schedule. So for a more detailed consultation, please come to the clinic for specific instructions!


Meet Our Experts

Dr. Nitipon Chaisakulchai

CEO of Nitipon Group, one of the world’s leading experts in aesthetic medicine.

Master - Dr. Bien Loan

More than 10 years of experience in internal aesthetics, she is one of the first dermatologists in Vietnam on skincare treatment.