C-Hair Removal Nitipon Clinic uses IPL (light technology) technology to eliminate hair, IPL will emit a corresponding wavelength which affects the hairs and gradually destroys their nutrients by heat, while affecting the root hair follicle, which causes the hair follicle to stop functioning or slow down. In addition, this light also absorbs the melanin pigment found in the hairs, making them more and more paler.


Advantages of C-Hair:

  • Using IPL technology, the most advanced technology in hair removal 
  • Eliminate the hair thoroughly up to 98% after 4-10 times 
  • Brightening area, effective in deep treatment 
  • Minimizes pores, smooth the skin 
  • No pain or irritation after treatment, safe for the skin 
  • Clean, sanitary, world-class space 
  • Professional staff supervised by dermatologist